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Since the temperatures plummet quite dramatically during Massachusetts winter nights, high quality and efficient heating system is necessary in any home. We always keep abreast of the latest heating technology and install only trusted systems to provide most comfortable living and working environment.

Even though heating system doesn’t break down often, it is exposed to a higher risk in winter, when the furnace works the hardest. Don’t forget that heating systems require maintenance to avoid having your furnace shut down in one of those cold winter nights.

If a problem appears, you can always turn to our reputable experts.

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BTU (British Thermal Units)

BTU (British Thermal Units) –is a unit of energy used in the heating and air-conditioning industries. The larger area you need to cool or heat, the more BTUs you need. For single zone systems it is pretty straight forward but for multi zone systems, the indoor units and outdoor units have a set number of BTUs.

What makes ductless great is that each indoor unit runs independent from the rest so the total number of BTUs for the indoor units can be up to 30% greater than the outdoor unit’s BTU.